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Post Aurum
Name: - Aurum

Age:- 23

Gender: - Male

Skills: He is extremely skilled with a bow and arrow. He began learning how to shoot one at just a few years old. His skill slowly progressed to such an extent that he has been requested as a paid assassin. He however has never accepted these offers, believing it wrong to kill unless absolutely necessary.
He also has the ability to shift into the form of a peregrine falcon at will. He does not know how he has this skill as neither of his parents were shape shifters. All he knows is how to do it, and that the light of a full moon locks him into the form that he is currently in, human or falcon.
As a falcon, the natural skill and speed of a peregrine grace him, as well as carrying over to his human form, making his reflexes swift and accurate. This makes him very formidable in a fight, as his senses are keener than that of a normal human’s but not quite as refined as an elf’s.
His final notable skill stems from a silver ring, inlaid with a yellow sapphire, which is the purest stone of any known. This gem stores the energy that is required of him to perform the one piece of magic he knows, which is the ability to instantaneously move him self from one place to another. The ring slowly collects some of his energy bit by bit. Once it has stored enough energy he can use its power to move to any location that he has seen, and that he has the energy to move to, keeping in mind that it will take the same amount of energy that it would if he were walking. It does however take quite a while to store an adequate amount of energy after depleting it. With out this ring he could never possess the ability to perform this skill on his own.

Race: - Known as a human, but with the ability to shift into a peregrine falcon.

Hair: - A light brown that matches the feathers of his falcon form

Eyes: - Golden in both forms

Home Village: - Ceunon

Parents: - Father-Cooper Mother- Helen (both deceased)

Siblings: - A older sister which he has never met and knows only that she exists

Character Personality: Aurum is a very bold person. He takes his ground and makes it know that that is where he stands and he will defend it until the end. In this he is very defensive of his ideals and will defend them in the face of a complete stranger, or loyal friend. He is very stubborn and many times refuses to be wrong until there is completely undeniable truth. He thinks logically and rationally, if a bit slowly, to make sure he makes a good decision. He tries to think things through and doesn’t like to make important decisions quickly. He does however enjoy occasional fun spontaneity. He has been known to drop whatever work he is doing, just to go for a short flight over the city. He is very open and trusting to new people but once betrayed is very slow to forgive. However if he truly befriends you he will stand by you in anything you do that doesn’t conflict with his own beliefs, but he won’t think less of you for standing up for yours. He is a man that will stick to his word, no matter what. He likes spending free hours flying over a grassy plain or lying in a forest under the shade of the trees. Here he feels at peace, as though nothing can touch him.

Character History: His parents were originally form the village of Ceunon. However before his mother gave birth to him their village was raided by urgls, forcing them to flee. They went south, toward Du Weldenvarden, but planning to have the baby in Yazuac and then to return to Ceunon. However his mother went into labor just south of Ceunon, on the edge of Du Weldenvarden. There were a pair of elves who heard her cries and took sympathy to her, and in an act never before, heard of, the brought her into the forest for protection, for they had heard tales that there were urgls in the area. They helped through out the delivery and allowed the parents and new baby to stay just within the safety of the forest for a few days. The baby was named Aurum, which is rumored to mean golden in an ancient tongue of the land where humans originate. However after the mother had recovered, the elves had to ask her and her new baby to leave. Before they did however, the elves cast a spell, causing the parents to forget all but what has just been said. However. The elves also gave the boy a gift. They could sense the power he had, and told his parents that he would always be welcome in Du Weldenvarden’s skies. They of course didn’t under stand this statement at the time, but soon learned. To this day he still flies over the sacred forest every now and again, but is never allowed to land. The rest of his life passed fairly uneventfully. His father was a blacksmith and made swords. He taught his son how to use one, as well as how to use a bow. He excelled far more quickly with a bow, but still became skilled with a blade. His father gave him a short sword for his fourteenth birthday, just 3 months before his parent’s death. Their house caught fire while he was out hunting and they were both killed. A merchant who was traveling though at the time, and who had known his parents well before he decided to travel, took in Aurum. Aurum didn’t know that the man was also a magician. After learning of his power to shape shift the magician came up with an idea, that maybe though his power to fly he could do some kind of magic. All attempts failed. The magician had decidedly given up, until he thought that his power maybe limited to things that relate to his second form. So he gave the boy an old, but powerful ring and told him to concentrate on the outside of the house and say theses words: “Gath eka un iet draumr unin vindr.” In a rush of air the boy was gone, and the magician heard his cries outside the door. This is how He learned to move from place to place. The magician allowed him to keep the ring, and helped Aurum master this new skill. He continued to train with his sword and bow. At the age of seventeen he left to live on his own. Now he simply tries to do what’s right and enjoy life.

Weapons: He carries only a bow with arrows, a short sword and a dagger. The dagger is made of a special alloy, which transforms with him, but slightly hinders his flying abilities. The dagger was a gift to him as a child by an unknown noble that somehow knew that he was able to change forms. The exact metals in the alloy are unknown. His flacon form grants him only his talons and beak as weapons.

Likes: - Being with people when in a good mood, but when upset just like to be left alone. He also likes animals and gets along well with them in both his forms. He likes flying in his falcon form and enjoys the exhilaration it gives him.

Dislikes: - Being forced into situations. He doesn’t take well to bullies and people of the like who put down others, weather it be for gender, race or personal belief.

Animal Companions: - Only the ones he meets in the air, which occasionally follow him to the ground for a short while, but usually don’t stay long.

Character's Physical Description: He is about five foot eleven inches tall and has golden eyes. His hair is a light brown that carries the same color as his falcon feathers. He is usually seen wearing simple brown cotton pants with a green shirt. At his waist is a leather belt, which holds his short sword on his left, and dagger on his right. On his back he keeps a quiver of arrows and his bow. On his right ring finger is his silver ring. As a falcon all these things transform with him but the arrow, quiver, and sword. His dagger is made of a special metal, which allows it to change form with him.

Dreams for the Future: - To have a family and one day see the empire fall

Reason for Dreams: - He wishes for no extravagant life, only to see justice in the world.

Alignment/side: - Aligns with which ever side he sees as in the right. Which would not be the Empire on any circumstances so far.

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Good job! Really, I mean it. And though I should accept it just for your choice of the Peregrine, I honestly can't find anything to criticize at a first glance. So with that said, accepted. As soon as I find shade.

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HAHA, Pan can turn into a peregrine too!

I agree, really good job, woulda accepted it on sight!

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