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 FAQ (Frequent Answered Questions) 
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Post FAQ (Frequent Answered Questions)
I. Display

Q: What is an avatar and how can I put an avatar next to my name

A: Avatar is an image that shows below your username. Go to "Profile" on the navigator, scroll to the bottom, and upload an image from your machine or URL.
Q: Why won't it upload the picture I chose ?

A: Either the size is too big or the avatar is bigger than 100 x 100 pixels and could be more than 49 KB in size.
Q: Do we have a gallery?

A: Unfortunately we don't have one yet.

Q: I don't understand computers, and I don't have an image in my avatar slot. What should I do?

A. Get the Picture
1. Open Google and search for picture only
2. Search for anything, i.e. dragon, rainbow, candy bar, valentine, Christmas, horse, flower etc etc.
3. Click on the image you like and get a full picture
4. Save the image onto your PC under documents using JPEG format.

B. How to Resize your Image
1. Open Adobe Photoshop, or ACDsee, or Microsoft Photo Editor, or anything that edits images and click on IMAGE -> “resize” or “image size”.
2. Or if you really don't have any of those softwares in your computer, go to and search for image editing, I am sure that you will find a free one. Normally they would have an option called resize or image size.
2. It must not be more than 100 pixels x 100 pixels and no bigger than 49 Kb.
3. Save the image under a different name, still on JPEG/JPG format.

Q: I want to show ppl my pictures in my post, but I don't know how???

A: You can use the button add image to post when you are posting a message and a window will pop up with the option to upload.
Q: What about placing an image in my signature?

A: Well, basically the image has to be on the web. You need to upload your picture first on one of many remote image hosting sites on the web, and then copy the address into a code that looks something like this:

[img]http://www.[domain].com/[location to image][/img]

You will need to change the text in between the [img] tags so that it is the location of your image.
Q: :shock: What is that I don't get it !?

A: try first by searching Google for an "image host." You can find loads of them. Just follow the steps they tell you and copy the address and paste it in your signature (or your post)
Q: Can't I just grab it somewhere, copy the URL and paste it here ?

A: Practically we could, but it called bandwidth stealing, so we don't recommend you to do so. You can find out more about it by clicking here
Q: Why can't I make italized word or colorful word, my typing looks like this: {i}blahblah {/i} why is that??

A: You need to make sure you UNMARK the "Disable BBCode in this post" above the submit button, so as for smilies (emoticons). And to attach your signature you need to MARK the option.

II. System

Q: What is Saphira Coins?

A: It is a currently discontinued where you would earn points by posting. This feature is unavailable until we are able to add it again.
Q: How do we play games?

A: You need to have received Dragonrider status to be able to access the arcade. The games can be access in "Discuss -> Dragonrider's council -> arcade".
Q: Why is there the word "New Peasant" under my name ?

A: That is because it is your current rank. For rank information click here. (TIP: You need to increase your post to increase your rank.)
Q: What is a PM ?

A: A PM is a Private Message. You can send a letter or short message to another member privately. It is confidential and no one knows what you write in or on a PM. To write a PM go to Navigator.
Inbox is your received mail. Sentbox is your sent mail that you already sent. Outbox contains all the messages that you have sent that that person has not read yet. Savebox is your saved mail (PM's you want to keep).
Capacity for each box: Inbox= 500; Sentbox= 1000; Outbox= unlimited; Savebox= 500
You are able to have a total 4 additional boxes of 500 including the savebox.

III. Others

Q: What is the RP section?

A: RP is a place to role play. You can find more details and information about RPing here
Q: What is spam?

A: Spam is anything that is considered an unnecessary post. Or short "Yes" or "No" "I Agree/Disagree" "cool" "lol" posts for it is clearly just for raising your post count and a waste of time to read. Or they can be just merely unimportant post's that is not adding anything valuable in your/someone’s thread.
Q: I don't mean to double posts, it happen by accident! I don't even know why it doubled or even tripled my post!??

A: Mmmk.... Yeah, the "Submit" button is very sensitive. If you 'accidentally' press the submit button and you press STOP (to cancel it), your post has been sent anyway.. So you need to wait for it to load and EDIT it or DELETE your extra post. (It is your post you can delete it you know :?).
Q: My internet connection goes down and I failed to post, when I press the "back" button my writing is gone and I need to write them all over again! Why is this? Can I get the text back?

A: Yeah it happens sometimes. Are you using internet explorer? If it happens a lot, try to remember to copy your posts before you press the "Submit" button. OR, you can use Firefox instead, Firefox records your writing.

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