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Post Rok
Name: Rok

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon

Age: 853

Home Village: Du Fells Nangoroth

Parents: Sy'alan, father (deceased); M'rent, mother (deceased)

Character Personality: Rok tends to be a hard, cold person. The death of his Rider made him insane for a long while, and when he was finally able to pull himself out of the madness, he wasn't the same. He used to laugh and play and he delighted in the strange things the elves and other two-legs would do. His greatest joy was listening to his Rider, the elf Ur'laya, play on her reed pipes or strum her harp. These days, he still feels a certain passion for music, but only because it makes his memories of her so much stronger. He is fiercely protective of other dragons and especially their Riders, for those who have one. He would lay down his life for a Rider to protect another dragon from having to go through the pain that he did, the pain of having their soul ripped in two. To this day the pain of Ur'laya's death is a dull wound that threatens to rip wide open with the slightest provocation. In his heart, Rok wants nothing more than another Rider, for he feels that his pain over Ur'laya's death would lessen if he could find another to share his soul with. However, he would never wish the pain of his mind on another, and so he seeks to bond with someone as damaged as he is, someone with the strength and understanding to help him, and that he could help in return.

Character History: Rok's egg was lain in the mountains of Du Fells Nangoroth almost nine hundred years ago. His mother was a wild dragon, as was his father, and they chose to give his egg and one other to the Riders to be bonded. Within a century of being given over to the Riders, Rok felt Ur'laya touch his egg along with countless other children, but he knew she was his perfect match and so he hatched for her. Together they were sent to the Rider outpost in the Spine to be trained, and after a number of years their training was complete. They were sent on many missions for the Riders, earning a respectable, if not legendary, reputation for themselves. When Rok was five centuries old, the elder Riders deemed they had served their order well and could settle into the role of teachers, or travel, whichever they chose. Rok wished to teach young minds, but Ur'laya had always been fiery for an elf, and wished to travel before settling down to teach the younger generations. So she and Rok traveled south, further south than most Riders and bonded dragons had ever gone, further south than even the Beor Mountains.

They traveled for many years, fighting monsters and exploring ruins the whole while. Then, almost a century after leaving Vroengard and coming south, they were ambushed by Urgal-like creatures during the night. Whatever the beasts were, they were not repelled by Ur'laya's wards and managed to deal her a fatal blow before she could leap onto Rok's back to flee. Rok killed them all with a blistering torrent of flame, but there was nothing he could do for Ur'laya. She lay bleeding on his back, unconscious from the loss of blood. He called to her for hours, pleading with her to wake up and heal herself, but to no avail. She was too far gone to hear him.

When she finally passed, Rok went mad. The severing of their bond echoed through his mind, and he roared until his vocal cords ripped apart, sending blood down his throat. He ripped apart the ground with his paws, set huge swaths of land on fire, cut himself with his own talons trying to tear his heart from his chest. He bellowed and slashed and keened and cried for days, his rage and sorrow never abating.

He spent years there, never going far from where Ur'laya's body had fallen off of his back when he had been tearing the world apart. Most of the time he sat beside her, babbling nonsense to himself. Eventually he started to pull himself out of it, but it took him the better part of a century. When he was finally sane again, he returned to Vroengard, but was shocked to find it in ruins and covered in the dust of ages. It didn't take him long to find out what had happened.

He left the island almost as soon as he had returned, determined to find a new Rider to help him, and to help the world.

Weapons: His claws, his tail, and his fire, which is a molten red-orange, like his eyes.

Appearance: Rok's scales are a warm brown in color. They don't really reflect light like other dragon's scales, but he always seems to have a warm, brown light radiating around him from where the light touches his scales. When he's in the sun, his scales ripple with red-orange highlights (like a brunette with a lot of red in their hair). His eyes are molten orange and have a haunted look about them, like they're reflecting his pain and madness. Being almost nine hundred years old, he's huge. When he hatched he was very sturdy-looking, which is why Ur'laya named him Rok, and as he grew this only increased. Now he looks like a mountain could be thrown at him and it wouldn't even scratch him. He's very strong, and surprisingly quick for his size, though he's only as fast as the average dragon.

Likes: Music, because it reminds him of Ur'laya, Riders and other dragons

Dislikes: Anything that would harm a Rider or dragon

Dreams: To find a Rider so that he may finally feel some relief from the pain caused by Ur'laya's passing.

Reasons for Dreams: He has been haunted by the memory of her death for long enough, and if he can't pull himself together, how will he help his race rid the world of the evil that plagues it?

Weakness: He only regained his sanity a few years ago, and is still in a rather fragile mental state. It wouldn't take a whole lot to send him over the edge again. (Another death of a friend or loved one would do it.)

Alignment: Dragons and Riders

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Post Re: Rok
I accept

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Post Re: Rok
Nice job, Saphirarox. I Accept. :)



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Post Re: Rok
Very nice, I Accept as well. ^^ Have fun with him. XD

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