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 What's Your Wish List Ending for the series? 
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Post What's Your Wish List Ending for the series?
I was answering a topic in Brisingr with Spoilers and I almost went off topic.So I decided to open the topic here!

My wish list ending would be as follows:

1. Eragon kills Galbatorix after he finds the Vault of Souls where the Elundari's of the wild dragons have been for centuries in hiding
2. Galbatorix kills Thorn in revenge when he finds out he has helped the Elves steal the last egg
3. Arya kills Murtagh and becomes Queen of Ellesmera
4. BladeSinger becomes the new Rider and Eragon falls in love with her
5. Katrina recuperates her health and has a healthy baby boy.
6. After the war ends, Roran returns to Carvahall and lives a happy prosperous life with his family
7. All the people of Carvahall return, and build a prosperous town
8. Roran saves Nolfavrell from being killed by an Empire soldier, resulting in Brigit relinquishing her revenge against Roran
9. Elva dies to save Nasuada
10. Nasuada becomes Queen of Ellesmera
11. The Urgals all return from wherever they came from
12. Joed and Ellen create a new shipping empire in Feinster and Ellen has a baby which unites her with Joed

I can't remember any other right now,butI know I'll come up with more


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Post Re: What's Your Wish List Ending for the series?
Eragon kills Galbatorix and Shrukain and Murtugh and Thorn are freed of their oath to him. Then, instead of Eragon killing them, they become friends again. Arya then becomes the next rider. The rest is pretty much what Annie said.

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Post Re: What's Your Wish List Ending for the series?
1. The whole thing is a game show and the last person alive wins a new nissan xterra!

2. Well.... number 1 is about it

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Post Re: What's Your Wish List Ending for the series?
AnnieBee wrote:
10. Nasuada becomes Queen of Ellesmera

Don't you mean Queen of the Empire?

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Post Re: What's Your Wish List Ending for the series?
1)Eragon kills Galbatorix and is dragon but can't save Murtagh and Thorn because they killed the dwarf king by their own will, so he kills them
2)Arya is the next dragon rider and her dragon with Saphira have babies
3)Eragon and Arya marry
4)The people of Carvahall return to their village
5)Nasuada becomes ruler of the empire

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Post Re: What's Your Wish List Ending for the series?
Well, I really enjoy your first wish. It's a cool hypothesis, howerver I think that the wild dragons would not keep thei HoH in a vault, they were WILD!!!Either way I really enjoy your suggestion!
My wishing list is:
1- Roran helped by Eragon and Arya will steel the last dragon egg, and it Arya will become a rider!
2- Eragon and Arya finally get together
3- Together the two riders face Thorn and Murtagh, and release them from Galby's influence
4- The three face Galby and killed them together with his dragon
5- Elves decide to leave Alagesia, after their queen death (facing Galby wityh magic) and Eragon goes with them
6- Nasuada becomes the new queen of the empire
7- Roran goes back to Carvahaal, but he is very respected and becomes rich, he rases a happy family with Katrina


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Post Re: What's Your Wish List Ending for the series?
My wish list:
1. Eragon kills Galby and frees Thorn
2. Murtagh is trapped in a space-time continum
3. Greeni hatches and bonds with Arya.
4. Saphira mates with Thorn
5. Saphira has a purple egg and gives it to th riders and it bonds with Roran
6. Izalandi dies (I strongly dislike her)

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Arya's going to be the next Rider! I KNOW IT!!!
You want proof, I'll give you proof:
1. she has green magic, though not total proof, it is an indicator. 2. she is a great spell caster, making her need WAY less training 3. she's a great warrior.
4. it would solve Eragon's love problem, which from CP's point of view is probably a BIG reason.
2+3=5. she and Eragon would actually stand a chance against Galbatorix and Murtagh


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Post Re: What's Your Wish List Ending for the series?
1. Thorn and Murtagh are free

2. Eragon and Arya get together

3. Thorn saves Saphira's life and becomes a hero and they fall in love

4. Roran and Katrina become the next king and queen and become Riders (green one for Roran and the violet one (Thorn and Saphira's daughter) for Katrina, then the two dragons mate.)

5. Orik becomes the king of the dwarbes

6. Murtagh and Nasuada get together

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Post Re: What's Your Wish List Ending for the series?
1) Eragon finishes off Shruikan and Galbatorix
2)Thorn and Murtagh are freed and the elves work on Thorns mind to free him of his madness (Eragon's Guide to Alagaesia says Thorn was driven mad)
3)Greeni hatches to Arya Greeni and Saphira get together and so do Eragon and Arya
4) the Vault of Souls contains like 2 more eggs (otherwise the dragons a few generations after Saphira and Greeni will be hopelessly inbred)
5)Islanzadi will be killed in battle and Blodhgarm or Vanir will become king of the elves
6) Nasuada will be queen of the empire
7) Brom's seven words may be able to summon memories of Eragon I and Bid'Daum and teach him important things

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